We are industrializing wave power

HydroWave is a company specializing in deliveries of complete wave power systems to clients worldwide, based on pineer Havkraft AS’ unique and patented Havkraft Wave Energy Converter (H-WEC).

Our main office is in Korrsund in the municipality of Fjaler, Norway (Lutelandet), with branches in Bremanger and Vågsøy.

Out main projects today are:

  • Powership – add on hybrid solutions for ships and offshore installations to reduce usage of diesel fuels and to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Powerpier – floating piers where the converters removes the wave energy and utilize this to produce electricity and/or Hydrogen fuel
  • Powerbarge – stand alone-solutions for wave power production

HydroWave was established in 2015 by founder Geir Arne Solheim in Ålfoten, Bremanger. The main office was moved to Lutelandet in 2017 when new owners got on board and activities really started to pick up speed and direction. Todays owners are Frequency AS, Sogn Industri AS, Aveja Engineering and Completion AS, Lutelandet Invest AS, KOJ Holding AS, Kjelda Holding AS and Klaus Edler Services ENK.